• Apple Shutters Camera+ App Over Easter Eggs

    Apple went on an Easter Egg hunt. And the result is clear. The boys and girls from Cupertino don't like "Easter Eggs" - added, or dare I say "secret" funtionalities not overtly stated in the app's description or illustrated in the app's submission.

    As with previous examples of developers who tried to sneak one past Apple, Camera+, a hugely popular iPhone camera app, has been yanked from the App Store for violating the so-called Easter Egg provision - the developer agreement that strictly prohibits untold or unauthorized functions.

    Immediately following Camera+ getting pulled earlier this week, developer Tap tap tap hadn't spoken out about the unceremonious dump. But now, the dev said they tried to initially be forthright about the function allowing users to engage the physical volume control button as a shutter button to snap pics. Apple said no to the move because it employed the volume buttons in a "non-standard way, potentially resulting in user confusing." Once the company revealed a workaround for the banished functionality, Apple said no dice and the app was gone.

    "While we're disappointed with their decision, we're at least happy that they're being perfectly clear about the exact reason for the rejection and that they're being consistent about it," the dev said on the official company blog. "I was told that overriding the volume controls is one of the most common reasons for app rejection."

    As reported by Apple Insider, the Camera+ app was enormously lucrative. In its first month alone, it generated $253,000 in sales. The following month, it made slightly more at $254,000.

    Tap tap tap
    Apple Insider
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