• PowerCenter Pro: All-In-One Widget: Pre-Sale Event

    Widget development is still in the making as iOS 5 inches closer to release. One, called PowerCenter Pro, by Aaron Wright (@WrightsCS), includes all the components anyone would need to manage their iDevice quickly from the Notification Center. Not only is management a key component of this application, but the ability to view different types of important information directly from the Notification Center comes in handy quite often.

    Similar to SBSettings and UISettings (UISettings is no longer available - taken down by developer due to leaving the community for a short period), PowerCenterPro incorporates toggles for the following:

    • Lock (Device Lock)
    • Respring
    • Safe Mode
    • Turn Off (Shutdown)
    • Reboot
    • Airplane Mode
    • Data
    • Bluetooth
    • Location
    • Wifi
    • Volume
    • Brightness
    • Share (Twitter/Facebook)
    • Settings

    (and then a Donate button if you wish to support the developer)

    The first page includes a nifty screen that shows you information such as:

    • Free RAM
    • WiFi IP
    • Firmware
    • Device

    This information is useful for an assortment of reasons (IP for SSH, Free RAM for performance purposes, etc.).

    On the second page, the page shows what percentage your battery is at (similar to Aaron's standalone application - BatteryCenter).

    The rest of the pages house the various toggles as mentioned above. One cool feature that I love in the incorporation of these buttons is what I call a safeguard. Since you swipe the pages with your fingers to see each new screen, it can be very easy to accidentally tap a button. However, when you tap an icon with PowerCenter Pro, it brings up a confirmation window that gives you an option to perform the function, or cancel out. After toying with this widget for a while, that safeguard has been a lifesaver a few times.

    PowerCenter Pro also puts an icon on your SpringBoard for further customization. There are a few toggles for displaying different parts of PowerCenter Pro, but what caught my eye was the Theme section. Development for PowerCenter Pro has been opened up to themers, designers, and the like so that the look and feel of PowerCenter Pro can fit your taste. There will be a Featured Themes section for when well-designed themes are released so that people can view what are the most popular. And of course, when development picks up, there will be themes directly on Cydia to buy / download for PowerCenter Pro.

    PowerCenter Pro has not been released to Cydia yet but should be soon. When it hits Cydia, it will be available for $2.49. Due to its incorporation of the Notification Center, PowerCenter Pro is only available on iOS 5 firmwares.

    Name: PowerCenter Pro
    Author: Aaron C. Wright
    Price: $2.49

    The developer has opened up a pre-sale event for PowerCenter Pro for those who want the application early and at a cheaper price. The pre-sale cost is $1 so you will save $1.49 on the full retail price when released. You will have access to links before release to download your copy of PowerCenter Pro. All the information about this can be found directly on his website:

    If you want to give this application a test, a free version of PowerCenter Pro (PowerCenter) can be downloaded on the developer's repository. PowerCenter lacks some core features that PowerCenter Pro offers but is a good way to test the waters so to speak:

    To keep up to date with the developer and his work on PowerCenter Pro, follow Aaron on Twitter. Also, view his website for more information about his other products and developments.

    Source(s): Aaron C. Wright, WrightsCS | Website,
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    1. Joshua Tucker's Avatar
      Joshua Tucker -
      Quote Originally Posted by indyracer05 View Post
      Either way hopefully i will never have to use sb setting ever again. Btw is activator working again? I havnt jb my ios5 beta 2 yet just cuz activator wasnt working
      No, it is not.
    1. dsg's Avatar
      dsg -
      SBSettings works but last time I checked Activator caused a lot of issues,

      I think SBSettings days are numbered because these tweaks rock
    1. trevorrawson's Avatar
      trevorrawson -
      Quote Originally Posted by trevorrawson View Post
      This is awesome!! The one thing missing from SBSettings is the ability to free up memory. Do you happen to know if this might be something he was thinking of adding by the release?

      Yea, I can add a FREE MEMORY button to the widget, just got to find room for it
      Awesome!! It was the main thing I missed about SBSettings and if you can add it then I'm sorry to say but SBSettings will be a thing of the past...RIP

      Great work by the way!

      Quote Originally Posted by indyracer05 View Post
      UISettings is better! I wish people would stop making different ways to do what sbsettings does. I wish for sbsettings to be only compatible for ios4 and lower and then UISettings for ios5. Not this tweak.
      Curious why you feel UISettings is better? Not that I'm arguing or saying you're wrong. PowerCenter Pro has all the options of UISettings plus valuable info about your phone. It's UISettings and SBSettings all in one with a much cleaner look. Curious on your thoughts.
    1. dsg's Avatar
      dsg -
      ^not to mention the the guy who created UISettings has left the scene for a while, which = no updates or support, unless somebody else gets permission to move it on (or is it open source. I can't remember)

      Edit: Is the data toggle for 3G as well or just edge?
    1. chris102192's Avatar
      chris102192 -
      ahahahaha devs are already starting to sell stuff for iOS 5... smh.
    1. NetMage's Avatar
      NetMage -
      Looks like a neat application, but I don't think the confirmation dialog is a very Apple way of dealing with the issue - screen touches should just be ignored if they are part of the activation swipe

      Also, a button to kill the current process would make SBSettings redundant for me...
    1. Aenima133's Avatar
      Aenima133 -
      It currently doesn't work. And with this, I don't see the point of making it compatible.
    1. hollow0's Avatar
      hollow0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Joshua Tucker View Post
      Because SBSettings requires Activator, it does not work on iOS 5. Activator and SBSettings I'm sure will be updated for the GM of iOS 5, however, the swipe function of Activator will get in the way of the Notification Center activation.
      Activator and sbsettings will be updated to work with iOS 5. Also, the swipe function shouldn't get in the way since NC requires swiping down, while sbsettings is activated by swiping left or right.

      Quote Originally Posted by dsg View Post
      SBSettings works but last time I checked Activator caused a lot of issues,

      I think SBSettings days are numbered because these tweaks rock
      SBsettings will be compatible with iOS 5. You'll have the option to select whether to be in NC or launch the normal way.

      Quote Originally Posted by chris102192 View Post
      ahahahaha devs are already starting to sell stuff for iOS 5... smh.
      IMO i don't think this should be given a price tag. Seems redundant and I'd much rather have sbsettings for all of that. It's useful, but redundant.
    1. RaginAsian55's Avatar
      RaginAsian55 -
      Quote Originally Posted by AWright View Post
      Yea, I can add a FREE MEMORY button to the widget, just got to find room for it
      I think it'd be savvy to place the FREE MEMORY on the last page next to brightness, scoot the twitter button over, and put a donation option in the widget settings.

      This is a great addition to iOS5. Integrating these quick-access buttons into Notifications is really seamless and brilliant. Two suggestions: 1) The current safeguard is cumbersome so I would prefer toggles. Maybe increase sensitivity for the toggle switch (1 sec press) or find a different way to "scroll" through the app pages- a scrolling bar underneath or arrow toggles to flip back and forth between pages, perhaps. 2) Any way you could also add a "Clear Apps" toggle, essentially combining the function of SwitcherPlus into your app? That could replace Twitter, which could also be moved into the widget settings.

      Thanks for all your great work. Keep it up!

      Quote Originally Posted by hollow0 View Post
      SBsettings will be compatible with iOS 5. You'll have the option to select whether to be in NC or launch the normal way.
      Where are you getting this information from? i haven't heard any updates about SBSettings compatibility with iOS5...
    1. dsg's Avatar
      dsg -
    1. Da Wil-Man's Avatar
      Da Wil-Man -
      I puchased this and it sends my phone straight to safemode after a respring. I also try to acti ate it through the app and as soon as i swipe to on it swipes back to off. Im on ios 5.0.1 with a 4S. I am using intelliscreenx with a few add ons. Is it not compatible with isx? I have googled with others complaining about it also but with no repairs.
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