• Antitrust Regulators Investigating Apple Led Nortel Patent Purchase

    According to the Washington Post antitrust regulators are investigating the Apple led consortium who outbid Google for the swath of Nortel patents is somehow.

    The point of the investigation according to WP's sources is to see if the acquisition of patens by Google's direct competitors in the mobile space could lead to the death of Android. In the past week a number of stories have speculated the cost of producing an Android phone could include as much as $20 in patent licensing fees per handset.

    Federal antitrust enforcers are scrutinizing whether Google, often accused of abusing its Web search power, is facing an unfair coalition of companies that could block its popular Android mobile phone software, according to a source close to the matter. - Washington Post
    Google's lack of a patent portfolio has left the company without many defenses in what has become an increasingly volatile legal atmosphere amongst tech giants, especially in the mobile realm. It's almost as if these companies have entered into some weird mobile technology Cold War, but instead of nuclear missels, a stockpile of patents is the weaponry.

    Apple and Google are becoming clear leaders in mobile handsets, and Apple has done a decent job defending its intellectual property. It'd be rather disappointing if any of the players in the burgeoning world of smartphones and tablets died because of legal disputes instead of producing crap products. Innovation and customer satisfaction should secure a companies place in their respective market, not a gang-load of patents and lawyers.

    Source: The Washington Post
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