• Earnings Preview: Will Apple Beat The Street Again?

    One week from today, Apple (AAPL) will report fiscal Q3 earnings - an event that will be closely watched by the investment, business, and tech communities at large. And while no one will be shocked if Apple beats the street (tops earnings expectations, that is), this time around, there's a considerably larger degree of pessimism than usual surrounding Apple earnings.

    Just this morning, in fact, JMP Securities analyst Alex Gauna speculated that Apple‘s earnings report next week "may show the first deceleration in revenue growth in six quarters, based on his survey of trends across the supply chain." Guana's expectations for Tuesday's numbers are $24 billion in revenue. The consensus is almost one billion higher at $24.75 billion.

    Of course, not everyone believes that Apple will "ignite peak-earnings growth concerns at a time when summer swoons in technology sentiment are typical.” But it's always the "downers" who get the most attention in earnings season. The reality of the matter, however, is that some analysts believe Apple may blow past $25 billion in revenue and once again shock the investment world with its perpetually unprecedented success.

    Are investors already sensing the momentum? At 3:40 pm EST today, shares of Apple were trading $356.34 - up better than $2 on the session.

    Source: Barron's
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