• FaceTime on Your TV Via AirPlay in iOS 5

    FaceTime is... well... FaceTime. It's a serviceable video phone-calling application, but isn't the most feature filled video-calling or video-conferencing solution around.

    However, an interesting little feature lurking around inside of iOS 5, if fully embraced by Apple, has the potential to make FaceTime infinitely more interesting. That feature is called AirPlay mirroring. Users with an AirPlay-enable device, like an HDTV, can mirror their FaceTime calls onto a larger screen.

    So far the video quality is subpar at best, most likely due to the limitations of the iPhone 4's front facing camera. Sending lag free high-definition video over the air could also be an issue as well. However, if the iPhone 5 has an upgraded camera this new AirPlay mirroring coupled with FaceTime could prove to be a rather nice video-conferencing tool.

    I could definitely see myself using this feature to stay in touch with family members and friends across the country.

    Source: Wired
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