• Spotify Officially Launching Tomorrow in The US

    On Thursday - yes, tomorrow - Spotify, the hugely popular European-based online music service will launch in the US and put the long-awaited streaming service in direct, unavoidable competition with Apple's iTunes.

    And Spotify is already laying it on thick, promising American music lovers "any track, any time, anywhere" at no charge.

    "Spotify, the award-winning digital music service loved by millions of Europeans, will become available tomorrow morning in the United States by invitation and subscription," Spotify revealed late Wednesday via press release. "Spotify is a new way to listen to and manage your music, discover new tracks and share songs and playlists with friends music whenever you want it, wherever you are."

    Here's how the launch will work as we understand it. The service will formally debut tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM EST. Unfortunately, the first wave of availability is limited to "invitation and subscription." What does that mean, exactly? We're guessing it has something to do with the email alert sign-up opportunity Spotify recently made available ahead of the US launch. Even at this late hour, Spotify is still offering pre-subscriptions at www.spotify.com - so if you're hoping for access tomorrow, signing up tonight may be your best bet (but there are no guarantees).

    Spotify will only say that it will provide more subscription and service details at the time of Thursday morning's launch. Of course, what remains to be seen is how Spotify may charge users for expanded use of the service in the US. Currently in Europe, users can get the service for free (that is, if they're willing to endure accompanying ads and a strict limit of ten hours per month). If and how this structure will change in the US remains a big, burning question - but one that will be answered tomorrow.

    Sources: Spotify, Wall Street Journal
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