• Apple Announces App Store Volume Purchasing For Business

    Well this flat out makes sense. Apple announced yesterday on its business page the company plans to allow businesses to purchase apps in volume from the App Store.

    Volume purchasing is nothing new to IT professionals, schools and developers, but until now these entities weren't granted the same purchasing flexibility in Apple's mobile App Store environment. Business can now purchase tens, hundreds and even thousands of copies of a single app in one purchase.

    The announcement makes clear the advantages of mass volume purchases, especially in the B2B world, where custom third party apps to help address certain aspects of a business are common. Being able to implement these business solutions to a companies entire workforce via a single purchase works around the headaches of making sure everyone has the app downloaded, paid for, and properly updated.

    To take advantage of volume purchasing businesses will need to enroll and create a volume purchasing account with Apple. Apple simply needs some basic information to make sure you actually have a business, you need to give them your Dun & Bradstreet number, and of course your corporate credit card or PCard information.

    The signup and purchasing process seems easy enough, as does distributing the requisite codes to your employees enabling them to download the mass volume purchased apps. However, Apple mentions "apps are available for purchase at the same price listed in the App Store." Now I'm not too experienced in purchasing application licenses in volume, but to me it would make sense to make the per-license cost at least a little cheaper if someone is purchasing 10,000 licenses. Just a thought.

    Source: Apple
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    1. Cokalola's Avatar
      Cokalola -
      Thats cool, they should have implemented it long ago huh..
      But nonetheless, great job apple (:
    1. Rayvaughn's Avatar
      Rayvaughn -
      Whats the point of bulk purchase if it's not discounted.
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