• TwitkaFly - Quick Reply And Tweet From SpringBoard

    Due to the fast-paced nature of Twitter, it can be a huge plus to be able to tweet out easily and (or) reply to your follower's mentions quickly. The best alternative to this potential roadblock is being able to tweet and respond to tweets from anywhere. TwitkaFly, created and developed by moeseth (@moeseth), fixes both of these possible issues.

    In the most simple terms, TwitkaFly offers capabilities to reply to mentions directly from your SpringBoard and send out tweets from anywhere. This eliminates having to go through the Twitter application at all. By setting an Activator command, a simple swipe, tap, etc. opens up a window for you to type whatever you want to tweet on Twitter. When a Twitter mention notification comes in, you have the option of replying right away, hiding the window, or just viewing the tweet directly in the Twitter.app. Another cool feature is you can blacklist or whitelist certain users, customizing what users you don't want notifications for. TwitkaFly offers simplicity but adds a lot of flexibility to Twitter and how you interact with it.

    As a review; here's what TwitkaFly offers:

    • Quickly tweet from anywhere using Activator
    • Reply to Twitter.app push notifications from anywhere (also with a few extra options)
    • Blacklist / Whitelists users and more

    TwitkaFly is a recently released application so it still has a way to go until it's completely finished. For this reason, there are a few limitations to TwitkaFly that my deter some users:

    • TwitkaFly only supports one Twitter account at this time (no multiple account support)
    • If you use another Twitter application that is not the official Twitter.app (e.g. Tweetbot, Echofon, etc.), TwitkaFly won't work. It only supports the official Twitter.app at this time

    Hopefully support for more applications is in the works. Another key note to remember: iOS 5's key upcoming feature is Twitter integration (i.e. tweeting, uploading, sharing, etc.). Hopefully TwitkaFly will be able to differentiate itself in the future to combat this competitive alternative.

    Give it a shot and see what you think - it's available on Cydia now for $1.99. It is compatible with all iDevices (iPod / iPhone / iPad + Retina Support) on firmwares 4.0+ (does not include iOS 5 (any beta version)).

    Name: TwitkaFly
    Author: moeseth
    Version: 1.0-2
    Price: $1.99

    If you want to see TwitkaFly in action, watch the video below made by the developer:

    Follow moeseth on Twitter to keep up to date on his work with TwitkaFly and other possible work. You can also visit the TwitkaFly website for information also.

    Source(s): moeseth, TwitkaFly
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    1. Xenthis's Avatar
      Xenthis -
      Copyright Apple Inc.
      iTweet - I can see it coming...
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      It uses activator? that means no iOS 5 compatibility
    1. Joshua Tucker's Avatar
      Joshua Tucker -
      Quote Originally Posted by whereswaldo View Post
      It uses activator? that means no iOS 5 compatibility
      At least for the time being.
    1. ParadoX's Avatar
      ParadoX -
      The idea is great, but that UI is horrible looking....
    1. KenjiTheSamurai's Avatar
      KenjiTheSamurai -
      It looks kind of like and similar to bitesms.
    1. exodia1010's Avatar
      exodia1010 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ParadoX View Post
      The idea is great, but that UI is horrible looking....
      Its not terrible, at least its a new look from the standard blue/gray alert box so many other programs use. I'll give it a week before someone posts a "QuickTweetTweak" that allows this same thing for free.
    1. Bunion's Avatar
      Bunion -
      Has anyone tried qtweeter? Same as this but better looking and i've been using it for a good year now - loving it.
    1. AKCHRIS's Avatar
      AKCHRIS -
      I'd use this. after all I use tweetyPop & I like IT..so why not this...a mirror image of BITESMS.
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