• New Report Indicates Higher Specs for All New MacBook Air Models

    New reports indicate that new MacBook Air models will ship next week and that they will include either 128GB or 256GB SSDís. It would appear that Apple is doing away with the meager 64GB MacBook Air in favor larger capacity drives. This is good news, as it is notoriously difficult to upgrade SSDís on current MacBook Air models.

    Apple is expected to release the new MacBook Airís sometime next week, either Thursday or Friday at the latest by some accounts. The new models are also expected to include faster Sandy Bridge processors, support for latest high-speed Thunderbolt port, and see the return of the backlit keyboard.

    These new models are also expected to ship with 4GB of RAM instead of the current 2GB that ships with most models. Apple does offer 4GB of RAM as a build to order option, but Apple tends to charge a premium for RAM upgrades.

    Mac OS X Lion is expected to ship along side new hardware offerings next week. Apple has a history of releasing new Macs and OS updates at the same time so they can showcase their latest and greatest operating system on new machines. If the rumors turn out to be true, then next week will be an exciting week in the world of Apple.

    Source: AppleInsider
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