• Apple Updates TOS in Taiwan, 7-Day App Return Policy Now Official

    Apple has officially updated their Terms of Service in Taiwan giving consumers 7 days to return an app after it has been purchased from the App Store.

    You may cancel your purchase within seven (7) days from the date of delivery and iTunes will reimburse you with the amount paid, provided you inform iTunes that you have deleted all copies of the product. Upon cancellation you will no longer be licensed to use the product. This right cannot be waived. - Apple TOS
    This change to the Apple TOS is specific to Taiwan in order to comply with country's Consumer Protection Act. Don't expect an updated TOS to make its way stateside or many other markets.

    I've kind of always been bugged by the fact that I can't "return" a paid app I bought in the App Store, but its never been a deal breaker. I grew up buying video games, and tons of other software and most of these purchases were made after reading reviews and research because well $60 is a lot to drop on a whim, and even more so when buying some software. Even if I did want to return a video game the best I could do after opening the plastic wrapping was exchange it for a new disc of the same game or store credit not cash.

    The App Store though is a different environment, products are often times much cheaper and easier for users to buy without reading reviews resulting in buyers remorse. However, the iDownloadBlog does make a good point that vacation-specific software, and event specific software companies that charge for their apps could see a pretty big hit to their bottom line. So could $.99 games. People don't care about throwing a dollar at a company, but if they could easily get it back, I'm guessing a large portion of people would.

    Source: iDownloadBlog
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