• Apple Leaks Photos of Thunderbolt LED Display By Accident

    Today the Apple fell a little farther from the tree than usual as the company seemingly confirmed, via the Cinema Display page on their website, the LED minitors would be seeing a refresh very soon.

    The first giveaway discovered by MacRumors was a product number hidden in the URL of an image of Apples LED Cinema Display. The product number was originally leaked earlier in the week and thought to be the product number of the new MacBooks, but appears to be referencing new displays instead.

    The dead giveaway though, if you hadn't already noticed, is the image at the top of this post. It shows two Thunderbolt equipped LED Cinema displays connected to a MacBook Pro. If you weren't aware, Apple's LED displays can't do that yet.

    Also, a number of Apple products at some point in the day had their desktop images changed to the new Lion desktop image, but as of now have been changed back. Lion is coming, updated displays are coming, Mac minis, Mac Pros, and what else? Who knows...

    Release everything already Apple. Seriously, even your web design team is starting to give you hints by accidentally leaking images of future products.

    Source: MacRumors
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