• Spotify Offering Free Unlimited Access to Music for First Six Months

    Spotify launched last week in the US with much fanfare, but one burning question was not answered at the launch. How many hours of free music a month will be available for users with a free account? Spotify didn’t say at launch, but now it seems that they have an answer.

    Users with a free account will have access to an unlimited amount of music for only the first six months. After that, limits will go into effect that will cut users off after they reach a set limit of hours a month. In Europe, users with free accounts are allotted ten hours of free music a month. Spotify has not said what the limit will be here in the US, but you can bet that it will be in line with what’s currently available in Europe.

    Spotify has been trying to launch in the US for at least two years, but has been blocked at every turn. Now that they’re finally available here, they undoubtedly want to gain as much exposure for their music service as possible. What better way to do that, then to not impose any limits till the end of the year.

    Spotify will remain free with no limits in the US until sometime around January 14, 2012. After that, who knows, but five bucks a month doesn’t seem like too much to ask for what they have to offer. Plus, you won’t have to put up with all those pesky ads if you get a paid account.

    Source: Business Insider
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