• Wednesday Likely The Day for Lion, New MacBook Airs to Drop

    On Friday, MMi reported that Apple had not only begun notifying developers and asking them to start submitting their Lion apps for approval, but by the weekend, many of those apps had begun appearing in the Mac App store. Clearly, the arrival of Lion is looming. And it may take place within the next 48 hours.

    Sources - unnamed of course - close to Apple are being widely quoted around the tech news world toda, largely confirming reports that Wednesday - at 8:30 am EST to be exact - will bring the release of both Mac OS X 10.7 Lion as well as the buzz-worthy Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Airs.

    Early last week, word initially surfaced that the Lion release and MacBook Air refresh would drop any time now. By the weekend, almost universal consensus had been reached by "sources" and analysts alike. Indeed, it now looks all but written in stone that this week will bring with it the new hotly anticipated offerings from Apple.

    As yours truly noted in a report on July 12th, backlit keyboards will join the string of hardware enhancements planned for the new 11.6- and 13.3-inch MacBook Air models that are inching ever closer to launch.

    Source: International Business Times
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