• It's Official: OS X Lion Coming to Mac App Store Tomorrow

    After what seems of an entire month of notes similar to this one (or this one), we've finally got an official word. During the quarterly earnings call this evening, Apple let slip that it's new version of Mac OS X, Lion, will drop tomorrow. It will be exclusively available on the Mac App Store.

    Apple first announced Lion last October while introducing the revamped MacBook Airs (which could see yet another update alongside the software launch), then put it on display again at WWDC a little over a month ago, promising a July release date, and now they've finally locked in a date. After four developer previews and Golden Master release, Lion is ready for primetime. It will cost customers $30. The server edition will cost $50.

    There are new rumors abound that Apple will offer dedicated Lion Servers at their retail locations, so that users can download the software in mere minutes, rather than the chunk of time it takes most people to download 4 GB using their home connections. This will be particularly beneficial to people without a broadband connection. These rumors add on to reports from earlier today, regarding a couple of different internal builds of the software that Apple stores have allegedly received.

    Tomorrow should be an exciting day for Apple, as if today wasn't exciting enough (at least from a financial standpoint).
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