• CoverJam Brings Band Photo Slideshows to iOS

    If youíve ever wanted to see a few band pictures while youíre listening to music, then CoverJam has you covered. UK developer, Electric Pocket has just released CoverJam (free with ads) and CoverJam Pro ($.99), which scans photo sites like Instagram and Flickr for images that are tagged with the name of the band you happen to be listening to at the moment.

    CoverJam displays the most recent ten pictures in a slideshow while you listen to your favorite tunes. You can use the appís built-in controls or just as easily use the regular iPod app and then launch CoverJam to see a few band photos. If you get bored with the current crop of images, then you can always hit the refresh button and the app will load a new set of pictures for you to enjoy.

    If you come across a couple of images that you really like, then you can share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. If a particular picture really grabs you, then CoverJam lets you easily find out more about the photographer online. Occasionally, the app will display something unexpected. This is usually occurs when a photographer tags their photos in a way that is similar to a band shot.

    With so much music to choose from, itís nice to actually see a few pictures of the people who make the songs we listen to every day. Hopefully, Apple will take a cue from this developer and update the iPod app to include more pictures and easy access to information about our favorite bands.

    Source: CoverJam
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      has anyone found this yet?
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      has anyone found this yet?
      search coverjam in app store
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