• Cloned Apple Stores Plague China, Confuse Customers

    Take a close look at the image above. On the surface, you have what appears to be a snapshot of a Chinese-based Apple retail store. Indeed, all the familiar bells and whistles of an Apple store experience are there - the furniture, color scheme, products, etc. But low and behold this isn't really an Apple Store - at least not an official one.

    Although Apple's retail presence in China is growing by leaps and bounds (read more about Apple's Chinese retail endeavors), fake Apple products are no stranger to mainland China. And it now appears as though cloned Apple stores are gaining the same traction.

    This photo inside a fake Apple store in Kunming, China shows bold wall graphics, a wood display counter against the wall, an employee in a Apple logo blue shirt wearing a white name tag on a lanyard, acrylic info cards, iPads on tilted acrylic stands, stone floor, and the "Apple Store" sign. The second level has wood flooring
    How does this happen, you ask? Well, all we know for sure is that those who own these fake Apple stores are doing their best to keep attention off of the "unofficial" aspect of their locations. In fact, the powers that be at spots like the one pictured above strictly prohibit any video or photos being taken inside the store.

    Still, some images were taken and turned up yesterday on IFOapplestore. What remains to be seen is how Apple and Chinese officials will ultimately handle the growing rash of knock-off stores and products that continue to plague China - a problematic scenario that one must assume will be addressed as Apple moves forward with unprecedented retail expansion plans for China.

    Source: IFOapplestore
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