• You Like to Purchase Your Software on CDs, Apple Says Get a Life

    Perhaps I'm old curmudgeon at heart, but I like CDs, vinyl, and other forms of physical media. But, I'm in the digital minority. Most people download, pirate, and stream their media needs.

    Yesterday Apple extended everyone the courtesy of ditching physical CDs and DVDs for their retail software as well. It shouldn't come as a shock, Apple announced at WWDC that OS X Lion was going to be a digital download only through their Mac App Store.

    Eliminating physical retail versions of Apple's retail software does a few things. First, it forces consumers to completely integrate into the iTunes and App Store ecosystem. Apple likes control, and what better way to assume control over consumers and developers than limit consumer's ability to purchase software from third-party resellers.

    Second, it increases Apple's take home margins. Apple doesn't have to share any of the money with third-party resellers anymore, and doesn't have to spend money on pressing, boxing, and shipping CDs or DVDs. Also, it allows them to price their software more competitively, undercutting the competition, without sacrificing much, if any of the profits.

    Last, it frees up shelf space in their retail stores. Less space has to be dedicated to boring software boxes, and more space can be dedicated to awesome, fun, and interactive Apple toys. No one looks at a box and goes "ohhhh I want this." They play around with an iPad, or marvel at how slim the MacBook Air is, and happen to fool around with the software in the process. Any professionals who need the programs know where to get them. The Mac App Store.

    However, this does pose a problem for individuals who lack a fast, reliable internet connection. Downloading any muti-gigabyte program would be an exercise in patience. It would be much easier to simply pop in a disc and go, not mention the headache this is going to cause for IT professionals creating boot disks, and backups of software.

    Below is a list of boxed software declared "end of life" by Apple. Resellers were greeted with this notice yesterday:

    • MC171 Apple Remote Desktop 3.3 10 Managed Systems
    • MC172 Apple Remote Desktop 3.3 Unlimited Managed Systems
    • D4222 Xsan 2 VL 10+
    • D4223 Xsan 2 VL 10+ EDU INST
    • MC186 Xsan 2 Single License
    • MC189 Xsan 2 Media Set
    • D2977 Xsan 2 MAINT 36 MOS SINGLE
    • D3132 Xsan 2 MAINT 36 MOS SINGLE EDU INST
    • D2966 Xsan 2 MAINT 36 MOS 10+
    • D3133 Xsan 2 MAINT 36 MOS 10+ EDU INST
    • MB957 Aperture 3 Retail
    • MC455 Aperture 3 ZU Retail
    • MB959 Aperture 3 Upgrade
    • MC456 Aperture 3 ZU Upgrade
    • MC623 iLife '11 Retail
    • MC625 iLife '11 Family Pack
    • MA371 Jam Pack : Remix Tools Retail
    • MA374 Jam Pack : Remix Tools Media Set
    • D3057 Jam Pack : Remix Tools VL 10-99 EDU
    • D3059 Jam Pack : Remix Tools VL 100-999 EDU
    • D3061 Jam Pack : Remix Tools VL 1000+ EDU
    • MA375 Jam Pack : Rhythm Section Retail
    • MA378 Jam Pack : Rhythm Section Media Set
    • D3063 Jam Pack : Rhythm Section VL 10-99 EDU
    • D3065 Jam Pack : Rhythm Section VL 100-999 EDU
    • D3067 Jam Pack : Rhythm Section VL 1000+ EDU
    • MA319 Jam Pack : Symphony Orchestra Retail
    • MA322 Jam Pack : Symphony Media Set
    • D3264 Jam Pack : Symphony Orchestra VL 10-99 EDU
    • D3265 Jam Pack : Symphony Orchestra VL 100-999 EDU
    • D3266 Jam Pack : Symphony Orchestra VL 1000+ EDU
    • MA211 Jam Pack : World Music Retail
    • D3545 Jam Pack : World Music VL 10-99 EDU
    • D3546 Jam Pack : World Music VL 100-999 EDU
    • D3547 Jam Pack : World Music VL 1000+ EDU
    • MA214 Jam Pack : World Music Media Set
    • MA990 Jam Pack : Voices
    • D4180 Jam Pack : Voices VL 10-99 EDU
    • D4181 Jam Pack : Voices VL 100-999 EDU
    • D4182 Jam Pack : Voices VL 1000+ EDU
    • MA993 Jam Pack : Voices Media Set
    • MB942 iWork '09 Retail
    • MB943 iWork '09 Family Pack
    • D4831 iWork '09 Retail Activation Key
    • D4898 iWork '09 Family Pack Activation Key

    Source: AppleInsider
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