• 500,000 New MacBook Airs Shipped Already

    According to Digitimes Apple has already shipped 400,000-500,000 third generation MacBook Airs.

    How fast can they make these things?

    Digitime's source said volume is expected to remain strong throughout july and August, no doubt because of back-to-school sales.

    The sources estimated that Apple's MacBook series sales will reach 13-14 million units in 2011 and may even reach 15 million units, while adding that Apple is the only vendor that has provided a full shipments forecast to the first quarter of 2012 as the IT industry is being rather conservative about the overall demand in the second half of 2011. - Digitimes
    In Apple's latest quarterly filing the company reported shipments of 3.95 million Macs. MACS, not just one product, but the companies entire line of desktop and laptop computing solutions. If the current level of MBA shipments continue at this level, Apple could ship 1 millions MBAs in the september quarter alone.

    Expect Apple's next earnings report to reflect a jump in MBA and other MacBook sales as the back-to-school finishes its feeding frenzy.

    Source: Digitimes
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