• New MacBook Airs Still Have Replaceable Hard Drives, SSDs Still Really Expensive

    Thankfully, just like the previous MacBook Airs, the new 2011 models have user replaceable hard drives.

    There was much speculation that Apple would start soldering the SSDs to the MBA's logic board in the newer models, but this isn't the case and allows users install their own SSD solution. While Apple's SSD upgrades aren't crazy silly expensive, the SSDs Apple uses are far and away not the fastest SSDs on the market. OWC offers users the ability upgrade their SSD to 480GB (Apple maxes out at 256GB), with a 68% speed boost compared to Apple's slower SSDs. However, users pay out the blowhole for OWC's upgrades, the 240GB model costs $519.99 and the 480GB model costs $1,399.99. For that much I'd just buy another MacBook Air.

    Virtually nothing has changed either from last years MBAs to this years model in terms of build quality and how things are magically put together inside the svelte device. The only difference is the new processors. I suppose the hard part of figuring out how to fit all that in such a small package was done a long time ago.

    Source: iFixit
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