• Apple Keyboards Now Shipping With Lion Specific Controls

    Apple's new MacBook Air sports shiny new Lion specific controls on its keyboard replacing the old Expose and Dashboard shortcuts with Mission Control and Launchpad keys.

    Photos first posted on iSpazia confirm Apple has started doing the same with its standalone keyboards.

    The keyboard pictured above is Apple's standalone wired keyboard, and it too features the new Mission Control and Launchpad keys. Also, why on European keyboards, specifically Italian keyboards, is the quotation mark key located as the shift+3 keystroke. I can't imagine for the life of me going back and doing all the speed typing classes of my youth with this misplaced button and others.

    Also, 9to5Mac brings up a good point in their article, why hasn't the Apple Keyboard been updated in four years?

    Source: iSpazia [via 9to5Mac]
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