• Lion Goes Platinum on Launch Day

    Apple's new operating system OS X Lion sold more than 1 million copies Wednesday, making it the fastest selling OS in Apple history.

    Previously it took Leopard a month to sell two million copies and Snow Leopard an entire weekend to do the same. Apparently any speculation that digital downloads would hurt sales of Apple's newest operating system were completely and utterly wrong.

    Burning all their boxed software appears to be a genius move. The fast sales do make a ton of sense though. The ease of upgrading via the heavily implemented Mac App Store proves that people like convenience, and if that convenience is priced right ($30 to be exact), they will throw cash at it like Newt Gingrich does ex-wives.

    It'll be interesting how the performance of Lion's digital only sales affect the rest of the software industry. The death of physical media continues.

    Source: PCMag
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