• The 'iBike' Becomes a Mainstay of Apple Employee Transportation in Cupertino

    No, you're not looking at the next Apple product off the Foxconn assembly line. But this is a familiar sight on the hallowed Apple campus in Cupertino, California. Dubbed the 'iBike," what you see here is the official means of workplace transportation for many an Apple staffer.

    With Apple's campus and office building locations growing and spanning more and more real estate in the Cupertino area, this all-aluminum bicycle is provided by Apple to its employees for the purpose of traversing the landscape and jutting back and forth among buildings for work.

    Although Google may still have Apple beat in terms of employee transportation perks (remember the "green" cars certain Google staffers were allowed to drive?) the iBike is another environmentally-friendly way for Apple to both serve its large workforce and the general community by reducing pollution and keeping its staffers fit and thin as a MacBook Air.

    As MMi reported yesterday, the tech giant just leased an office structure/facility (one that consists of some nine separate office buildings) in Cupertino, which adds roughly 373,000 square feet to Apple's campus. So it's a safe bet that we'll be seeing more of these iBikes around Cupertino in the weeks and months ahead.

    Source: MacMagazine.br
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