• Netflix App Now Supports Video Out

    With all the hype surrounding Apple TV and Google TV, Netflix has released a surprise of its own today. The Netflix app has been updated to include video out for the iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod Touch. To watch Netflix streaming on any TV all you need to do is hook up an Apple AV cable to your compatible iOS device and youíre good to go.

    Appleís forthcoming Airplay technology will accomplish the same thing, provided that you have an Apple TV and Wi-Fi set up in your home. But what about when youíre traveling? Thatís where the beauty of this update comes in.

    Imagine being on vacation with your family and you all want to watch a movie together. Before this update you wouldnít be able to hook up an iPhone to a TV and watch a movie together. You and your family would have to huddle around a little 3.5-inch screen. Not very fun, to say the least.

    Apps are updated regularly, but occasionally minor additions like these can make all the difference in the world, given the right conditions. Itís nice to know the next time I travel, Iíll be able to stream Futurama to the nearest TV. Of course Iíll need the right cables and a good Wi-Fi signal to do it.

    Source: 9to5 Mac
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