• Apple's Grand Central Store Pending Approval, Looks Amazing

    Apple's plan for a Grand Central Station Apple store is awaiting final approval by the New York Metropolitan Transportation authority board Wednesday, but the renderings the MTA showed the Wall Street Journal are jaw dropping.

    The renders show an Apple Store that leaves the terminal's structure largely unchanged. The juxtaposition of early 1900's architecture and Apple's cutting edge modern products is almost too surreal to understand. According to the WSJ report Apple plans to open the store before the holiday season this year. I can can only hope.

    However, the early move in date comes at a premium price to Apple. Apple reportedly paid the previous tenant, Charlie Palmer's Matrazur restaurant, $5 million to acquire the space. Palmer wasn't supposed to move out of the space in the terminal's east balcony for another 8 years. Plus Apple is reportedly paying between $800,000 and $1.1. million a year for rent. The previous tenant paid only $263,997 a year.

    The store itself will be a monstrous 23,000 square-foot facility, nearly 3,000 square feet larger than Apple's largest stores.

    I canít imagine why any kid in Westchester would want to do anything other than go into Grand Central and shop at Apple and eat at Shake Shack. - MTA Real Estate Director Jeffery Rosen
    Neither can I. Except that kids can barely afford to buy food let alone purchase a MacBook Air on their own.

    Source: WSJ via Apple Insider
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