• How Much Crazy Hijinx Can You Get Away With at The Apple Store?

    Apple employees are usually pretty relaxed when it comes to what they consider acceptable behavior in their stores. Over the last few years, however, some customers have upped the ante with crazy antics that would ordinarily get them thrown out of other retail stores.

    It’s not too surprising that some people really enjoy showing off in the Apple Store. After all, the stores are well lit and customers can freely access computers equipped with cameras, video editing software and access to the internet. When you put all of these things together, something interesting is bound to happen sooner or later.

    So Mark Malkoff of My Damn Channel decided to ask the question, “Is there a limit to what the Apple Store will allow?” The results may surprise you. Mark set off to see just how many crazy antics the Apple Store would let him get away with before asking him to leave. The short answer is quite a bit actually. So he set himself a series of four challenges designed to test Apple’s resolve.

    First, Mark decided to see if he could get a Pizza delivered to the SoHo Store in New York City. After waiting for 30 minutes, a pizza deliveryman showed up with his order. A nearby employee watching him pay for his pizza merely says, “That’s awesome.” No one even noticed when started eating it right there in the store.

    Next up, “Will they allow me to have a romantic date with my extremely tall wife?”
    Yes, but unfortunately, store employees wouldn’t turn down the lights for their romantic evening out.

    For the next challenge, “Could I get an Apple Store employee to help fix my broken iPhone while dressed as the most evil man in the universe?” The answer? Yes, but their initial advice was that he should simply “Use the force.” It would also seem that Darth used to be a Hotmail user, but recently switched to Gmail instead. You wouldn’t usually expect Darth to be a big hugger, but apparently he is now. So yes, you can go to the Apple Store dressed as your favorite Star Wars character as long as you’re willing to give out a few hugs along the way. Oh, and they did help him fix his iPhone.

    “And finally, we all know the Apple Store will allow a dog, but how about a goat?” It would seem that goats are a go as long as you take them to the Broadway and 67th Street store. This particular goat seemed to be more of a Mac goat than a PC goat and apparently he enjoyed the Apple Store so much that he didn’t want to leave. Mark finally had to carry him out.

    So there you have it. Apple Store employees will let you get away with just about anything in the store. But if you try to return something, I doubt they’ll be as forgiving.

    Source: My Damn Channel
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