• Some Lion Buyers Incorrectly Charged Multiple Times for Download

    Don't you just hate it when you purchase 1 thing and then you're accidentally charged 122 times for it?

    Hard to believe, but this is the type of complaint that has turned up in the forums of Apple Support Communities. In fact, one recent Mac OS X Lion buyer reports having initiated his download on July 23rd, for a sum total of $31.79. But low and behold, the unfortunate Mac fan went on to see his PayPal account subsequently charged the same amount another 121 times.

    If you do the math, that comes out to almost $4,000. Isolated incident, you say? To this degree, it appears so. But erroneous or multiple charges for the single Lion download have been reported with increasing frequency. As another poster lamented:

    I purchased OS X Lion from the app store and now paypal statement shows that itunes store charged me 20 times more, a total of $599.80. Please help, what am I supposed to do. I already talked with paypal and they said they will look and I emailed apple customer service, no reply yet.
    Although the origin of the problem isn't yet clear, we understand that both Apple and PayPal (who in some cases blame each other for the error) are looking into these reports and others that are yet to become high-profile examples of Lion downloads going horribly wrong.

    Sources: Apple Support Communities, 9to5Mac
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