• Apple TV is Red Hot But No Immediate Refresh Planned

    It may be one of the "quieter" Apple products as far as mainstream media coverage and public attention are concerned, but make no mistake about it, Apple TV is a huge hit, selling roughly 500,000 units each quarter. Since its arrival last fall, the $99 streaming media box has served as a shining example of how living room entertainment is no longer a hobby for Apple.

    Still, despite Apple's longstanding penchant for product refreshes within a reasonable time frame, the tech industry - both from a production and analyst standpoint - isn't buzzing with talk of a new (or next-gen) Apple TV before the end of 2011. Why not? For starters, it doesn't appear to anyone that a refresh is planned.

    This morning, Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo went on the record with his industry checks, noting that Apple TV has enjoyed better than 70% year-over-year growth. But despite the juggernaut growth of the platform, no Q3 refresh is in the works. Perhaps that comes as a slight relief to Apple TV's biggest competitors.

    As we reported Thursday, Logitech had to reveal that sales of the Google-TV-based Revue are faltering opposite Apple TV. In fact, negative sales were seen in the previous quarter. So how does Loitech respond? Thanks to Apple TV's attractive $99 price point, "Revue" will now be similarly priced as such.

    Source:: Apple Insider
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