• Foxconn Replacing Workers with 1 Million Robots Over Next 3 Years

    Foxconn, best known in the US for manufacturing all things Apple, recently made a statement indicating that the company would be replacing some of its workforce with automated robots.

    Late last Friday, while attending a workers dance party, Foxconn founder and chairman, Terry Gou said, The robots will be used to do simple and routine work such as spraying, welding and assembling which are now mainly conducted by workers.

    Currently, Foxconn has 10,000 robots working for the company, but expects that number to rise to 300,000 by next year. By 2014, the company expects to have nearly a million robots working for them in their manufacturing plants.

    Its currently unclear just how many human employees will be replaced by these new robots. Foxconn currently employs approximately 1.2 million workers throughout China.

    Foxconn has been widely criticized for the grueling working conditions that employees are forced to endure. Last year a string of suicides were attributed to the harsh working conditions in their plants.

    In the future, if Foxconn chooses to do away with human employees altogether, then at some point, they may face a robot workforce that is as unhappy with the working condition, as the human employees are today.

    Source: Xinhua News
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