• Apple Issues Update to Apple TV

    On Monday morning, Apple released a software update to it's hugely popular Apple TV set-top entertainment box - a product offering that not only proved Apple's newfound interest in the "living room," but also projected Apple into a new competitive realm of product categories.

    Last Friday, Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo went on the record with his industry checks, noting that Apple TV has enjoyed better than 70% year-over-year growth.

    Now thumping in sales the likes of Google TV-based Revue, Apple TV is on a roll, selling more than 500,000 units per quarter as of the most recent sales data. And while no immediate plans are in place for an Apple TV refresh, software updates continue to come at a steady pace.

    A few hours ago, Apple updated the Apple TV to bestow the ability to purchase TV shows from iTunes. What's more, users can now stream content that they've already purchased. These upgrades come in supplement to the addition of support for the website Vimeo.

    Apple's last Apple TV update came in May 2011.

    Source: Apple
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