• iCloud.com Live for Developers, Pricing Info Released

    Apple officially launched iCloud.com for developers and inconspicuously announced the pricing of extra storage for those who need more than the free 5GB given to every user.

    The web-based front-end of Apple's iCloud service adopts the iOS look and feel completely, going as far as using the iOS notification bubble design to inform users they don't have a developer account when denying them access during login. The only new app for the service appears to be a Web app for iWork that outlines users iCloud-stored Keynote, Pages and Numbers documents.

    Also, Apple finally unveiled the pricing of extra storage for users who need to go beyond the free 5GB everyone is allotted. Users will be able to get a full refund on their extra storage purchase if their order is canceled within 15 days of upgrading, or 45 days after an anual subscription is renewed.

    • $20 a year/10GB extra storage (total 15GB)
    • $40 a year/20GB extra storage (total 25GB)
    • $100 a year/50GB extra storage (total 55GB)

    MacStories.net put together the nice graphic below comparing Apple's iCloud to Dropbox and SugarSync's cloud storage pricing. Apple's pricing is nearly identical to Dropbox and SugarSync offers 30GB and 60GB plans that are $10 more than Apple's 20GB and 50GB offerings. However, this isn't really comparing Apples to Apples though. iCloud is much more than an online hard drive though. It syncs contacts, music, email, documents, photos, and other documents across a users full array of desktop and mobile devices.

    However, iCloud is still more expensive than Amazon's Cloud Drive. Cloud drive offers incremental storage upgrades of 20GB, 50Gb, 100Gb, 200GB, 500GB and 1000GB, all for a $1/GB or half the per GB cost of iCloud. Also, for a limited time Amazon isn't counting songs uploaded to users' Cloud Drive accounts against their storage space.

    Source: Macstories
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