• Apple Slapped With Laughable 'Location Tracking' Fine in South Korea

    Apple, one of the all-time most successful and highly-capitalized companies in human history, has been slapped with a fine in South Korea. The news of Apple's "penalty" is noteworthy, however, not so much because of the South Korean government's decision to issue a penalty, but because of the dollar amount of the fine.

    South Korea has fined Apple just shy of $3k for what it deems illegal location tracking. Yes, all of $3,000 - although it sounds much worse when currency conversion is employed (3 million won). Given that Apple earned $7.31 billion in its fiscal third quarter, I'm betting the boys and girls in Cupertino aren't sweating this one.

    Still, the fine is significant and worth reporting because it could influence regulators elsewhere, as the Associated Press speculated in its report on the minuscule fine out of Asia. Yet, as you can imagine, Apple takes to heart the criticism and accusation that it "tracks people."

    "Apple is not tracking the location of your iPhone," Steve Park, a local spokesman in Asia told the AP after the ruling was issued by the Korea Communications Commission. Despite the small fine, Apple's legal woes may not yet be over in South Korea. Attorney Kim Hyeong-seok is reportedly planning a class-action suit in a South Korean court against Apple regarding the issue of location tracking.

    Source: AP
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