• Industry Sources Say Apple Will Compete with Netflix Via Subscription Service

    According to industry sources across the entertainment sphere, it's only a matter of time before Apple ventures into the subscription streaming service realm and directly challenges Netflix at the game it presently dominates.

    Jeffries analyst Peter Misek raised this intriguing prospect once again this morning in a new report that suggests deals are in place and about to become public with regard to Apple launching a subscription service very similar to what Netflix offers its large customer base.

    And following the recent announced price hike by Netflix (the consequences of which - if any - are yet to be seen), the juggernaut streaming and DVD rental service could be ripe for the picking by Apple, at least with regard to some of its presently huge market share.

    "As part of Apple's roll-out of cloud video services (and eventually an iTV), we believe Apple has unannounced deals with all/most of the studios/TV networks that are similar to the subscription streaming deal between Amazon and CBS," Misek wrote in a note to investors.

    Source: Business Insider
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