• Apple Set to Release “iTunes Replay” Featuring Movie Re-downloads and Streaming

    It would appear that Apple is set to launch a new service called “iTunes Replay” in the near future. “iTunes Replay” would allow users the option to re-download and steam movies and television programs previously purchased through the iTunes store.

    On Monday, Apple released a new software update for the Apple TV that allows users to re-download television programs that they’ve already purchased, however, the update did not include movie re-downloads. It is reasonable to assume that movie purchases will be the next item on the list to be made available for re-download.

    With iCloud set to launch in the coming weeks, Apple will usher in a whole new era of streaming content to wireless devices. In addition to re-downloadable content, “iTunes Replay” is also expected to include the option to stream videos as well.

    For iOS devices with limited storage capacity and wireless bandwidth limitations, streaming content can be a better option for some users than requiring them to re-download entire movies in order to watch them again. Streamed movies could also be optimized on the fly to accommodate low bandwidth situation and allow for faster, easier viewing. Downloading full movies requires substantially more bandwidth and video files must finish downloading completely before they can be viewed.

    Apple currently lets users download previously purchased music and apps from the iTunes store. Adding movies to the mix only makes sense. The main obstacle is securing additional licensing agreements from the major movie studios. It would appear, however, that Apple may have secured the necessary licensing agreements and is now preparing to launch the “iTunes Replay” service when they feel the time is right.

    With Apple’s annual Special Event coming up this September, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see “iTunes Replay” launch along side iCloud, iOS 5 and hopefully a redesigned fifth generation iPhone. Apple is also rumored to be preparing an entire overhaul of the iTunes store in the coming months. This update could feature “iTunes Replay” as a prominent new feature. September is likely to be an exciting month for Apple users and fanboys alike.

    Source: AppleInsider
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