• MobileMe Users to Get 25GB of Storage Till June 2012

    MobileMe users have languished in uncertainty about what would happen to the 20GB of base storage they paid when iCloud finally goes live and the subsequent discontinuing of MobileMe in June of 2012.

    Apple has finally broken the silence. Apple will automatically sign up MobileMe users to the 20GB (+5GB free) iCloud plan at no charge (normally $40/year). Automatically signing MobileMe users up to this tier for free covers the 20GB of storage Me users paid for with a years subscription to MobileMe.

    Also, users will be automatically signed up for recurring billing set to start on June 30, 2012, the same day that MobileMe will be shut down. Users will be billed for the current $40/year tier they received for free during the previous period. It still isn't clear how fast users will burn through storage space utilizing iCloud's services, but MobileMe users wont be complaining of the extra 20GB of space they've been given. Even though they already paid for it.

    Sourc: MacRumors

    Source: MacRumors
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