• Apple on Pace to See Products Surpass Laptop Market Share

    According to a report in Monday's online edition of Fortune magazine, Apple may be headed for its largest achievement yet - capturing the majority global market share for portable computers, a broad category that serves as a catch-all for laptops, notebooks, and, of course, tablet computers.

    Deutshe Banks Chris Whitmore, who published his research-based findings behind the report, says that within the computing market, "we see significant opportunity for Apple to take meaningful share in the second half as the Microsoft / PC ecosystem is relatively stagnant, lacking meaningful new offerings."

    Although some analysts disagree with the practice of including the iPad in the same category as laptops, Whitmore maintains that the recent launch of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Airs may ultimately do more to shift Apple into control of the global market for portable computers than even the iPad alone.

    "On the other hand, Apple will be competing with an upgraded Mac OS, new MacBook Airs (and other forthcoming Macs) and a new iPad iOS. Within the Tablet market, the iPad remains the Gold Standard as competitors struggle for mindshare and traction (note HPs price cuts on the TouchPad)," Whitmore says.

    To read the Fortune piece and review Whitmore's chart documenting Apple's increasing global dominance, click here.

    Source: Fortune
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