• iTunes Replay Hits Snag with Hollywood Film Studios

    Last week, the blogosphere was buzzing with news that Apple was inching closer to unveiling a new service called “iTunes Replay," which would bestow to users the option to re-download and stream movies and television programs purchased through the iTunes store.

    Speculation was kicked into high-gear one week ago today when Apple released a new Apple TV software update that allows users to re-download television programs that they’ve already purchased. Unfortunately, movie re-downloads weren't included. And perhaps we now know why.

    It seems as though Apple has just one remaining hurdle to jump before this likely ultra-popular service can be rolled out - Hollywood. According to sources cited within the entrainment industry, Apple "has yet to sign cloud agreements for feature films with at least four of the top six film studios, according to multiple film industry sources who spoke to CNET." Apple, however, remains aggressively engaged in talks as the Cupertino, California-based tech giant hopes to ink deals sooner rather than later.

    So at this juncture, any hopes for an imminent launch should be cooled as Apple still has a long way to go and, as it would appear, a lot of cash to cough up in order to make this "inevitable" project a reality.

    Source: CNET
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