• Is Apple Making iPad 2G Ads Already?

    Apple has already shot an ad for the second-generation iPad, according to a report that's making the rounds today. However, according a person who claims to have been there, the device that people were holding in the shoot was the current model. The new iPad, the source says, will be added in post-production. The timing of the ads - just seven months after the original iPad went on sale - suggests an accelerated schedule for the tablet's refresh.

    The story on 9to5Mac quotes an unnamed source as saying that Apple was filming ads for the next generation iPad as long ago as last month. Though there was little detailed information in the report, (9to5Mac's Seth Weintraub wrote that "we didn't learn as much as we'd like") the source says the ads were shot at New York's Pier 59 by UK photographer David Sims, who's also shot videos for the luxury British fashion house Burberry. Supposedly, current generation iPads were used at the shooting of the ads but will be swapped out digitally for the new model. The report says that there were no 2G iPads on the shoot, but that security was tight (not too tight, though, apparently) and everyone had to sign non-disclosure agreements.

    Of course, there's nothing particularly newsworthy about Apple making ads. However, this news is another piece of evidence suggesting that Apple is going to refresh the iPad sooner than the 1-year anniversary of its release in April; every other product in the iOS line gets a new model once a year. After all, there's little sense in shooting a new ad almost six months before a product is scheduled to be released. Additionally, the fact that first-generation iPads could be used to shoot the ad indicates that the iPad 2G may be the same size as the current one, rather than smaller as previous rumors have suggested.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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