• AndroidLock: Lock/Unlock your iPhone, Android Style

    An Android phone features a unique lockscreen, where you have to connect various dots to unlock your phone rather than enter in a passcode or slide to unlock. There are 9 dots in total, and gives a little extra security just incase your friend happens to look over while you punch in your numbered code.

    Just released to Rock and Cydia, comes AndroidLock, available now for free. This iPhone and iPod tweak will transform your iPhone lockscreen into an Android styled lockscreen where you connect dots in the same manner to unlock your phone. Simply draw the pattern to unlock.

    After installing it, go to Settings > AndroidLock, to set the pattern. Requires 4 or more dots to be used.
    On a side note, there were many discussions about the androids security flaws in their lockscreen method being hackable by a certain combination, however, my guess is there will be some sort of issue here, some way to get around it. We'll soon find out.

    While this feature is quite cool, it shouldn't be visible until after the user "slides to unlock" just like the normal passcode system is set up. Also, this lock system sits behind IntelliScreen, forcing you to disable IntelliScreen to be able to unlock the phone.
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    1. bigshot82's Avatar
      bigshot82 -
      my exchange account requires iphone passcode lock (4-digit) which cannot be disabled. Is there a way to replace iphone lock with this android-style lock??
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