• Apple's Mothership Campus Could Swallow the Empire State Building

    Apple's new mothership-futuristic-space-circle lair is absolutely gigantic, so gigantic in fact, even the Empire State Building and Pentagon are emasculated.

    A nifty graphic put together by Mac Observer compares, to scale, the size of the iShip Campus to a number of other large buildings, vessels, and blimps. The buildings 1,615 foot diameter bests the Pentagon's diameter of 1,566 feet, and is nearly 400 feet longer than the height of the Empire State Building (1,250 feet).

    The new office building, if you can call it that, includes an auditorium capable of housing 1,000 people, as well as a total building capacity of 13,000 employees. Apparently 2.8 million square feet is a lot of office space.

    Personally I want to sneak in and set up camp in the massive inner-ring courtyard. I wonder how long it would taker them to find me. If ever.

    Source: Mac Observer
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