• Apple Losing iAd Chief in Latest Executive Departure

    For being one of the world's most profitable and iconic companies, top executives certainly appear to be in a hurry to bolt from Cupertino. Yes, we're back with another executive departure to report. This time, it's Andy Miller, the individual in charge of iAd, Apple’s mobile ads platform.

    As The Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital reported Wednesday morning, Andy Miller is a very high-profile executive with Apple who joined the company as VP of mobile advertising following his work at Quattro Wireless, which he co-founded five years ago.

    As you may recall, Apple would go on to acquire Quattro Wireless in 2010 for $275 million. Apple, however, had already acquired the services of Miller.

    So why is the iAd boss reportedly leaving the iDevice-making tech giant? According to today's published reports, Miller will become a general partner at Highland Capital, a Boston-based venture firm that - you guessed it - initially funded Quattro Wireless.

    Apple now has another key executive to replace.

    In recent months, Apple has been preoccupied with having to find replacements for no shortage of vital team members, including Ron Johnson, Apple's former retail chief who is leaving to become CEO of JC Penney, and Allison Johnson, Apple's vice president of worldwide marketing communications. Johnson, we're told, was so high up that she reported directly to Steve Jobs himself.

    Source: All Things Digital
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