• No More Pulling Your iDevice Off Your Desk, Apple Awarded iOS Magsafe Patent

    The Magsafe connector on my Macbook Pro should receive a gadget medal of honor for the number of times it has saved my MBP from myself. Which is why I find it odd Apple is only now being awarded a patent for implementing this same gadget saving connector into iOS devices.

    Yesterday alone I pulled my iPhone off my desk twice by accident, and for iPad users that have multiple family members handling the device, I can imagine that number could be exponentially higher. The new patent is simple, straightforward and long over due. It outlines how to integrate a magnetic "trip-safe" cord into iOS devices, namely the iPad.

    Apple having this patent means all other device owners are doomed to a life of wrecked gadgets. Honestly, why haven't other manufacturers figured out something like this to implement in their devices?

    Source: USPTO [via Engadget]
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