• Another Day Another Patent, Apple Wants to Hide Antennas in Your Keyboard

    Apple is on a roll with useful and potentially functional patents lately. The latest of which is an easy way to conceal cellular antennas in MacBooks and wireless keyboards.

    Speculation regarding MacBooks with integrated cellular antennas has always loomed on the edges of the rumor mill. Recent photos of an older prototype MacBook with a built in extendable cellular antenna reenergized the discussion, and the aforementioned patent wont calm the waters any.

    The patent itself shows an antenna hidden beneath a couple keyboard keys, a very smart way to work around the service killing aluminum body. In fact this is the second patent Apple has been awarded in the last year involving ways to hide cellular antennas in MacBooks.

    Oddly enough the patent shows how it could be extrapolated for use in regular wireless keyboards. I'm not sure of the usefulness of placing an antenna in a keyboard, but the patent doesn't specify exactly what types of antenna would be hidden. So it is possible a bluetooth of WiFi antenna could be implemented to improve home network reliability.

    Whatever Cupertino's reasoning, it doesn't seem like too far of a leap to expect MacBooks with cellular antennas hiding inside them to appear in the near to not-to-distant future.

    Source: Wired
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