• HTC Goes on the Offensive Sues Apple Over Everything

    HTC brought out the big guns with their latest patent suit against Apple, suing the Cupertino company for infringing HTC's new mobile platform: everything.

    HTC, much like Apple did with Samsung and the Galaxy Tab, wants an injunction, except the injunction covers nearly the entire gamut of Apple Devices. The suit filed in the U.S. District Court in Delaware accuses Apple of infringing on HTC patents by producing "Accused Apple Products." These products include laptops, portable music players, phones, tablets, the air Steve Jobs breathes, and just about everything else Apple has or will ever have a hand in.

    Only one of the three patents mentioned in the suit, #7,765,414, was actually filed by HTC themselves. The other two were acquired with the purchase of ADC Telecommunications patent portfolio last year. These patents, #7,672,219 and #7,417,944, apparently are broad enough for HTC to try and stop Apple from selling anything.

    HTC isn't only asking for an injunction banning the sale of all things Apple, they're seeking compensatory damages as well as enhanced damages to the tune of triple the amount of the compensatory damages. Don't expect the suit to amount to much, and even if somehow HTC did win, Apple could purchase HTC a few times over with their cash horde.

    It appears the patent war is reaching an apex of boisterous, albeit futile, lawsuits. Every major mobile computing manufacturer has turned into that guy at the gym who grunts and breathes louder warming up than anyone else does while they work out. For him it may be necessary, for everyone else this is getting annoying.

    Source: TechCrunch
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