• AT&T Limiting New Customers to Unlimited Texting Plans or Pay Per Text

    If you don't want an unlimited text message plan and are planning to join the AT&T family, you had better get used to coughing up $0.20 per text (or more for pics and video texts). As of this Sunday, August 21st, new AT&T customers will only have two options for their texting plans: unlimited (starting at $20 per month) or pay per text.

    An AT&T representative confirmed the change this morning, telling me that the new lay of the land shouldn't shake up too many folks, particularly since the resounding majority of new customers opt for the unlimited plans regardless.

    Still, the vast sea of critics who believe mobile carriers like AT&T should offer more choices rather than dictate limited options are not pleased by the news.

    In case you're not keeping track, so far for 2011, this marks the second time AT&T has scaled back on its menu of text messaging plans. In January, you may recall AT&T bringing an end to the 200 messages for $5 per month plan. Also dumped was the 1500 messages for $15 per month plan. Existing customers, however, were allowed to maintain their plans.

    According to AT&T, the change in text plan offerings simply represents another "streamlining" effort in its text messaging plans.
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