• 3D Coming to iPhone with Hasbroís My3D Device

    Hasbro is working with Apple to develop a peripheral that allows 3D images to be viewable on an iPhone or iPod Touch. The My3D peripheral will allow users the ability to view content in 3D and offers them a unique 360-degree field of view. It resembles a pair of binoculars and has a slot for an iPhone or iPod Touch. Starting next spring, it will be available for $30 wherever Apple accessories are sold.

    Hasbro is working to develop 3D apps that will offer users a unique experience not previously available. Currently, there are several categories of apps being explored including: gaming apps, travel apps and entertainment apps. Hasbro has partnered with Dreamworks Animation to develop material for the device. Megamind will most likely be the first of many titles to get a movie tie-in gaming app.

    Hasbro worked closely with Apple on this project and hopes other developers will make good use of the device. With more than 125 million iPhone and iPod Touch users worldwide, Hasbro hopes the My3D accessory will catch on in a big way. My3D is sure to help Apple maintain its popularity as a gaming device. With Nintendo set to launch their 3DS handheld gaming system next year, My3D should help Apple stay competitive in the 3D gaming arena. My3D is an intriguing device, but itís unclear at the moment just how gamers are supposed to use the device and have access to the touch screen during game play. Letís hope My3D isnít the next Nintendo VirtualBoy.

    Source: MacRumors
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