• Easily Customize Mac OS X Lion with Lion Tweaks

    When Apple released Mac OS X Lion into the world, they altered many of the most familiar ways that we interact with our computers. Lion may be Appleís latest and greatest operating system, but some of the changes can take some getting used to, especially for life-long Mac users.

    Thatís where Lion Tweaks comes in. Simply install the program and youíll be able to customize many of the more annoying new user interface elements that Apple introduced with Lion. Simply click a few yes or no buttons and youíre good to go. It really doesnít get any easier than this.

    According to the developer, Lion Tweaks ďallows you to customize and correct certain annoying new features in Mac OS X 10.7.Ē Lion Tweaks was written by Fredrik W., a 16 year old independent developer living in Norway. He currently has another eight utility apps available on his website, all of which are free.

    Many of the tweaks available in Lion Tweaks have already been available online for some time now. The real beauty of this application is that you donít have to go to the Terminal app to use them. Using Terminal commands can just be too daunting for some users.

    If youíve been hesitant to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion because of the changes that Apple has introduced with this version, have no fear, Lion Tweaks has you covered. It may not fix everything thatís wrong with Lion, but itíll make you feel right at home in no time. Hopefully, Apple will issue an update in the near future to fix a few of Lionís more nagging issues.

    Source: Cult of Mac
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