• Judge's Ruling Gets iCloud and Other Cloud Based Music Services Off the Label Teet

    Apple, Amazon, Google, and anyone else who has or plans to release a digitil music locker service should kiss U.S. District Court Judge William Pauley lll.

    In the case EMI against MP3tunes Pauley ruled:

    If enabling a party to download infringing material was sufficient to create liability, then even search engines like Google or Yahoo! would be without DMCA protection. In that case, the DMCA’s purpose — innovation and growth of internet services — would be undermined.
    Also, Pauley added the storage system MP3tunes uses "automatic and passive" software to play "content stored at the direct of the users." In other words digital music storage lockers or the cloud.

    While Pauley did rule MP3tunes was liable for infringing on some 350 songs through another side sideload.com, the two major rulings mentioned above legitimizes the iCloud business model and paves the way for a future of cloud based music storage and players.

    Record labels lose again. Mainly because they refuse to innovate and hold a death grip on their old dying revenue streams.

    Source: Wired
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