• Apple Believed to Have Purchased Wi-Gear

    There is rampant speculation that Apple has acquired yet another company. This time, the rumored purchase is of the firm Wi-Gear, the Bluetooth iOS headphone maker. The third-party maker of iPhone and iPod accessories has experienced a great deal of success with its line of products and, for this reason, Apple may be interested in tapping into its advanced accessories as iOS devices continue to become more sophisticated and possibly in need of such accessories to enjoy the full iDevice experience.

    So... why do people think Apple bought Wi-Gear? Well, supposedly, Apple scooped up the company about two months ago. As a result, WiGear announced on its website that they are now closed for business. Just like that? The popular maker of iMuffs has just disappeared without warning? Adding fuel to the fire is news from a Gizmodo report that Wi-Gear's co-founder, Michael Kim, now works for Apple. It's amazing how much investigative dirt a Linkedin profile can uncover, huh?

    Longtime Apple fans will recall that Apple was once big on Bluetooth headsets and initially rolled out its very own iPhone-compatible Bluetooth headset three years ago. Last year, though, the product was dropped by Apple as third-party accessory makers like Wi-Gear began dominating the market. From a strategic business standpoint, acquiring a popular accessory maker isn't necessarily a bad move on Apple's part. And while we don't yet know for certain that Apple made the purchase, chances are we will soon enough.

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