• Cydia Creator Goes to Court to Obtain Cydia Domain Name

    Although many of the major domain name disputes we've heard about in recent months involve Apple reportedly having to cough up millions for domains they feel entitled to, there is no shortage of domain-related drama in our community too.

    Jay Freeman - also known as Saurik among jailbreakers - is recognized the world over as the man, the myth, the legend behind Cydia. Now, the creator of this jailbreaking juggernaut is pursuing in court that which should legally be his - Cydia.com, the digital territory that Freeman asserts should be his domain.

    According to the legal documents pertinent to Saurik's lawsuit (made available via DomainNameWire), Saurik contends that the current owner of Cydia.com is infringing upon the Cydia brand and trademark. Consequently, Saurik is asking for ownership of Cydia.com.

    From DomainNameWire: "The companyís in rem lawsuit against the Cydia.com domain name alleges that the owner of the domain name changed the content of the page from a parked page to one about Apple products after it contacted him."

    In addition to Suarik's bid for the Cydia.com domain, his company - Saurikit LLC - is seeking damages for legal fees.

    Source: DomainNameWire
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