• Dev Team Will Miss the Coolest Cat

    The jailbreak community is nearly as old as the iPhone itself. From day one tinkerers were trying to unlock and impose their will on the "locked down" nature of iOS merely because of necessity. There was no App Store yet.

    It seems fitting that the people at the forefront of this movement bid Steve Jobs a very cool, and very fitting farewell. The Tom and Jerry picture above was posted along with this:

    The coolest cat. We loved the chase! Good luck, Steve. Signed, Jailbreakers and tinkerers everywhere.
    However, the goodbyes may be premature. Walt Mossberg in his goodbye Jobs essay, mentioned:

    Extremely well-informed sources at Apple say he intends to remain involved in developing major future products and strategy and intends to be an active chairman of the board, even while new CEO Tim Cook runs the company day to day.
    Even if Jobs is no longer the acting CEO, as long as there is an ounce of coherent thought left in his brain, Sir Jobs will be at the ideological helm of Apple.

    Source: Dev Team Blog, AllThingsD
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